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Morning News reported that the Telangana state police in southern India said on the 6th that four suspects who were suspected of gang-raping and killing a woman attempted to attack the police and escaeuromillions scam letterped during the identification of the crime scene, but were shot dead by the police.

2020 rolls on regardless of the pandemic. People still need medical care for other conditions such as those sustained in road traffic accidents. One emergency medical care charity based in Devon called BASICS recently received £9,960 for their vital work. COVID has hit them hard and the money will go towards helping them survive through the crisis. Even with the lockdown, and now easing, they have provided emergency care to crisis situations. Devon is largely rural with access between villages particularly difficult for the less mobile. It is the vulnerable who cannot get to hospital who often need the most care.

Mike and his wife, Jane, according to the British "Mirror" report, the British 1 million pounds prize winner was careful to guard against scams, and only told his wife a week after winning the prize. Mike Fisk is 57 years old and a geophysicist. Mike participated in the EuroMillions lottery online on November 28 this year, and received the prize in the mail the next day. Mike said: "All the vigilant cells in my body have been mobilized, thinking that this is someone joking." On Friday of the following week, Mike finally went to the lottery office. "When the lottery consultant confirmed that I did win the jackpot, I believed it was not a scam. It felt great when I drove home from the lottery office. When I got home, I immediately shared the good news with my wife Jane." Mike said. The couple have two adult children. Now Mike only hopes that he can retire early, and then he can build a house and travel around. (Link to the original text) (Source: People's Daily Online-Lottery Channel)

The lottery reality show satisfies the audience's curiosity and the prize winner is not the only gimmick

Some netizens said that this was a "very perfect moment" and it was simply a "miracle." Although the results were unpredictable, many people wanted to know what happened and where the children’s parents were.

The deputy police chief stated that, based on his complaint, the case was registered and investigated under Section 420 euromillions scam letter(fraud and dishonest inducing delivery of property) and Section 120 B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Criminal Code. . (Central) Sanjay Bhatia: During the investigation, the police searched the call records of the mobile phone number used to call the complainant and found that the call was active in the Rohini area and passed surveillance And technical analysis identified two defendants. He stated that after he was arrested and arrested, he also defrauded a mobile phone used to deceive the complainant. The police claimed to have recovered one desktop computer and printer, nine mobile phones, one bank book, three checkbooks, five packed packages and ten empty packages and packaging materials.

Four of the families are bound by the "Family Constitution", which stipulates the duties, rights and responsibilities of all family members. Chheda added: "Our idea is to bring our families together and our business can last for centuries." The Family Council Meeting (four families participate in Bahrain) is part of the family constitution.

The third measure: "Extinguish", divided into two modes: manual fire extinguishing and automatic fire extinguishing. In order to prevent safety problems caused by false alarms of fire detection and early warning systems, combat ships generally adopt manual fire extinguishing mode. Firefighters will choose different extinguishing agents for the fire situation and location. The more common ones are water, foam, alkyl halides and carbon dioxide. However, due to the damaging effect of alkyl halides on the earth's ozone layer, navies of various countries are gradually reducing their use.